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Sisonke Rising

African Excellence. Global Leadership.

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About Us

Welcome to Sisonke Rising

We are an impact and value driven community outreach programme that focuses on teaching young people life skills through the vehicle of software developement.

The aim of the initiatitve is ensure as many young people as possible are able to collaboratively code and build working software. We do this through the following:

We believe every professional must be anchored in shared values. We show and talk to our students about the values that we have found valuable in our journeys.

We believe that true mastery is a journey, not a destination. We inspire and mentor our students in their jounery to true mastery.

We believe in having fun in all we do. Our focus is not only in software development, we also explore cutting edge technologies such as 3D printing, Drones and Robotics.




Teams rise and fall on communication. Communication is important for creating a sense of team and effective cooperation.


It is very difficult to go from complex to simple. We value simplicity by always asking the question, "What is the simplest thing that could possibly work?"


Software development can be scary when working in teams, it is for this reason that courage is an integral part of what we do. We need to have courage to speak up for what we believe in, and courage to ask for help!


We respect other people not only because they deserve it, but also because we respect ourselves.

Having Fun

Learning anything is hard at first and we have found that by keeping it fun and simple, we can learn a lot while still enjoying it.


No fixed direction is ever valid for long, Feedback is a critical element to ensure that we are still on the right course.


We value personal responsibility. Your learning and growth is your own responsiblity, You should care.

Get Involved

SisonkeRising is a movement born in the software development community of Johannesburg, South Africa. If you would like to get involved, there are four options. You can choose to fill one or more of the following roles:

Mentor: In it with both feet. Mentors invest in a personal relationship with one of more of the people attending the program. Available to support and guide them on their journey, taking time to understand where they are, meeting them there and showing them a path forward.

Supporter: Supporters understand the potential of the program and support it by pledging a cash donation on a monthly basis. With their support we are able to grow and extend the impact we have. We recommend an amount of R200 per month, but we appreciate any amount you are able to contribute.

Sponsor: Sponsors donate supplies and computer equipment, or provide once off cash injections for the program.

Volunteer: Volunteers visit SisonkeRising, and make themselves available when we need more hands on deck or to teach a specific area of technology that they are passionate about.

The money and assets donated to the program are managed under Driven Alliance cc. For visibility and transparency all donations and expenses are available on request and will be tracked on the website.

Banking Details:
Bank: FNB
Account Name: Sisonke Rising
Account Number: 62609430468
Branch Code: 200607
Branch: 4 Merchant place
Reference: Your name or anonymous

Our Team

Contact Us

  • Phone: +27 78 019 0607
  • Twitter: sisonkerising
  • Email:

Group Class Sessions

Saturday 08:00 – 11:00